“High” teenagers plead guilty for robbery Comments Off on “High” teenagers plead guilty for robbery

“High” teenagers plead guilty for robbery

Posted by on Mar 5, 2016 in Criminal Defence, DUI Defense

A teenager who along with couple of his friends tried to rob a gas station last year in Lethbridge will spend more time behind the bars.

The sentence of this boy was brought on Wednesday by youth court and it stated that he will have to spend 40 days in jail. The boy pleaded guilty on the charges for possession of an imitation firearm, single count of robbery and being unlawfully disguised.

Crime happened on 6th November when three boys drove around the town in a vehicle while planning the robbery. At the end of their ride they smoke some cannabis, disguised their clothes, used bandana’s, sunglasses and goodies to cover their faces. After this they drove through the neighborhood in which they parked their car and walked into the gas station. The teen in question pointed a BB gun at the clerk demanding money and cigarettes while another boy had a baseball bat.

Once clerk refused to comply with their request and reached to the phone to call police, three offenders panicked and bolted through the back door of the gas station and fled to their car removing their disguise and changing clothes.

Crown demanded a sentence closer to 100 days of custody, but he noted that the teen spent 55 days in custody prior to the court sentence and they included those days in the sentence changing it to 40 days. Defense attorney requested lower sentence with bigger focus on rehabilitation and other services that might help those teenagers more than custody.

Two commented this case in which they praised the decision of the court to give rehabilitation to the teenagers. One of them said that it is a good example of right choice made by a court, which will ensure that those teenagers can continue their life on a better ground with rehabilitation activities please enter here  .

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Man’s sentence reduced in maid murder case Comments Off on Man’s sentence reduced in maid murder case

Man’s sentence reduced in maid murder case

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Many Courts had some interesting cases in which everything turned around, and Ras Al Khaimah Court has disgraced the law by being a centre of one.
This case dates 12th back to February and it happened in a home of Arab family. A woman called a police stating that their maid hanged herself. After the investigation police came to the conclusion that the woman was beaten quite badly and hanged in order to try and conceal the crime. She died due to injuries she received in that beating. R.H. and his wife were main suspects.
DNA, other forensic reports and blood proved that this couple hammered the woman and then hanged her. This was backed up by the testimony of their child who said that he saw his mother hitting the maid several times before she slumped down and stopped resisting.

With a load of evidence pointing to the couple it was a clear case of murder and initially both wife and husband were found guilty for murder and they ended up in prison (husband received life imprisonment). But several years’ later appeal from the wife went through and she was released.

Soon after that defense presented waiver from the victims’ family (which was translated to Arabic, of course) in which they willingly surrendered their right to see the sentence through. Without any further fuss the court reduced the life imprisonment sentence to only one year.

Lack of any investigation into the validity of the waiver and possible blood money involved raised many questions that were asked, but not answered, by many lawyers and other people including check this out. He didn’t follow the case thoroughly, but he got interested in it after the waiver presentation. He said that all things concerned the waiver in questions made the Court look ridiculous, because it decided not to check whether there was any implication around it.

They blindly believed to the defense attorney and with this they sent a message to all people, a message that says that their own citizens have greater rights than foreigners. He said that this is not a law that should be practiced, because it doesn’t prosecute crime, but protects certain people while showing discrimination toward others.

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NCA helps in sentencing two men to death Comments Off on NCA helps in sentencing two men to death

NCA helps in sentencing two men to death

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The issue arisen once it was found out that NCA in secret assisted Royal Thai Police that led to the death row of two Burmese migrants. British Law prevents any form of assist to foreign agencies that would lead to the capital punishment of death. For every action of assisting that includes British agency, a document must be signed that states that the evidence provided will not be used for this sentence. Only way to avoid this law is to gain ministerial permission which was not the case on this occasion.

Crime occurred on the shore of Koh Tao and it made international headlines due to the victims being British citizens. Witheridge, aged 23, was raped and then beaten to death while other victim Miller was attacked and abandoned in the shallow waters to die. Murder weapon was found nearby.

Chaotic investigation by Thai police sparked consternation that spread quickly. First possible offenders were bothers Ware who spent a lot of time with victims. After being thoroughly questioned they were released after DNA test that proved that they were not the attackers. Soon after that Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo were arrested for the crime after which they plead guilty.

British media and agencies followed the unraveling of the case by they didn’t assist it in the beginning due to the missing assurance for death penalty. NCA received urgent request for serial number of a phone that was owned by Miller. They gave it to the Thai police in concern of the lives of other British citizens, as the killers were still on the loose.

commented on the events and said that the concerns that nudged NCA had a solid ground, but that led to the death row for those two attackers. When it comes to the act, whether should such agency do such a thing is to protect their citizens is a decision that takes a lot to be made.

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